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  • ADK Mould Co., Limited
    ADK Mould Co., Limited supplies professional project management, plastic part design, plastic mould design, mouldflow, mould manufacturing, injection moulding and final assembly processing service to Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace, electrical engineering, packing and Medical fields. As a growing and innovative company with more than 14 years experience in plastic industry, ADK develop the technology and apply it, and serve our customer.

  • Advanced Decorative Systems
    As decorated plastics specialists, we are fully integrated in most of the processes (Screen-printing, Thermoforming, Single and multi shot Plastic injection, Insert-molding, Painting, Laser-etching, Tampo-printing and assembly). We are present for manufacturing and development in Europe, USA, Mexico and Asia. We supply to major automotive Tier ones and also to other industries and are fully certified. Inquire about our printed electronics as well amongst other innovative techniques. Check our web site for more info or email for any inquiry to info@advanceddecorative.com

  • American Industries
    Mexico's leading Manufacturer Facilitator. Shelter Services, Industrial Real State.

  • Amity Thermosets (P) Limited
    We are one of the well renowned suppliers in India. We manufacture and export Phenolic Moulding Compound(PF), Phenolic Resin.

  • AssetPoint
    AssetPoint is the maker of TabWare, a leading CMMS software solution for optimal asset management to reduce asset downtime and unnecessary costs, improve operational and maintenance scheduling, and improve the overall OEE.

  • AssetPoint - Preventative Maintenance Program
    AssetPoint is the leading provider of EAM and CMMS software. TabWare, an Enterprise Asset Management solution developed by AssetPoint, has been applied in many industries for companies whose success depends highly on the effectiveness of their asset management. Visit www.assetpoint.com to learn more about EAM CMMS software, preventive maintenance software, maintenance scheduling software, equipment maintenance software and how it can improve OEE, reduce unnecessary cost, and reduce asset downtime.

  • Automotive World
    B2B publishing and events company. Products and services include news, features, research, data, forecasts, webinars, videos, eMagazines, and conferences.

  • baimos technologies gmbh
    baimos technologies specializes in Mobile Security Software & Trusted Computing and develops software-based authorization management products for smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT). The BlueID platform from baimos technologies turns the smartphone into a secure digital key. It provides high user convenience in mobile identification, access control, authentication, and remote control. The platform can be easily integrated into apps, back-end systems and control modules. baimos technologies works with partners like Marquardt, Emerson Network Power, eQ-3/ELV, Microsoft and noris network. Its list of customers includes Audi, Daimler, Sixt and Pango Mobile Parking.

  • Binzhou Federal Power Parts Co.,Ltd.
    Binzhou Federal Power -BFP, we are manufacrurer and exporter of Ring Carriers(alfin ring, Ni-resist ring insert) from China. Wirth both national and international certification, we have been supplying Ring Carriers for Asia and European countries for years.

  • BlueStar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
    BSM Group Ltd. was founded in 1992, located in Shenzhen, China. With our 20 years of experience we have become a reliable strategic partner of fortune 100 companies worldwide. The BSM Group is comprised of seven domestic companies including Fareast Precision Mold&Molding Engineering Ltd.,Bluestar Technology(shenzhen)Co.,Ltd., Globalsocial Technology(shenzhen)Co.,Ltd. The BSM Group is stable with growth in proven industries, manufacturing, processing, and R&D for the markets of Automotive, Electronics and Health Care. Diversification in developing industries include hotel operating, smart appliances, communication and IT technology. BSM Group Ltd. covers an area of 20,000 square meters, consisted of office buildings, large-scale tooling shop, precision mold manufacturing workshop, injection workshop, screen printing workshop, assembly line, together with specialized, advanced manufacturing technique and equipment to trial and support production. The total staff is more than 550 people. In an increasingly competitive international situation, BSM Group Ltd. always adhere to the development strategy from the "Made in China" to "Innovated in China ̄ , focus on new high-tech technology and new product development, design, manufacture and export. As of 2006 the BSM Group has successively passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS and TS16949 quality management system certification.

  • BOSCH Common Rail Control Valve
    BOSCH Common Rail Control Valve BOSCH NO.   Application F 00R J01 727   HOWO 11.6D WD618 EU3 CNHTC F 00R J01 692   FAW CA4DF EU3 F 00R J02 035   YUCHAI MACHINERY YC6M-EU3 F 00R J01 704   AMUR 341240 D245.30 E3 F 00R J02 806   YUCHAI MACHINERY YC4G EU3/YC4E EU3 F 00R J01 657   FAW J6 8.6D CA6DL35-EU3 F 00R J02 472   DONGFENG H ENGINE 4CYL F 00R J01 479     F 00R J00 339   AGRALE-DEUTZ INTERACT 4.0 F 00R J00 399   RENAULT D CI11 E F 00R J02 130   DAF F 00R J01 941   CUMMINS CUM ISLE EU3 F 00R J00 005   CITROEN JUMPER 2.8 HDI 8140 43S F 00R J02 103   CUMMINS ISF 3.8 F 00R J00 375     F 00R J01 159   CHEVROLET LLY F 00R J02 005   CHEVROLET LB7 F 00R J02 466   MAN D2066 LOH01/D2066 LOH02/D2066 LOH03/D2066 LOH04 F 00R J02 213     F 00R J01 819   CASE IH A8000 CURSOR F 00R J02 056   GALICH CRANE PLANT KS64713-2 650.10 F 00R J01 714   DODGE ETJ F 00R J01 329   CHEVROLET EXPRESS 2500 6.6 F 00R J02 506   FORD CARGO ISL 8.9 F 00R J01 683     F 00R J01 451   RENAULT DXI 5 160/DXI 5 180 F 00R J01 533   VALTRA DO BRASIL CITIUS 84 TIER III F 00R J01 747   CHEVROLET EXPRESS 3500 6.6 LLY F 00R J01 865   MAN D 0836 LOH52/D 0836 LOH62/D 0836 LOH63 F 00R J01 924     F 00R J02 004     F 00R J02 012     F 00R J02 067   RENAULT DCI 6AE/RENAULT DCI 6A F 00R J02 175   MAN D 0836 LOH60 F 00R J02 266     F 00R J00 420   FIAT DUCATO 2.3JTD F1AE0481C F 00R J00 447   RENAULT DCI 6AE/RENAULT DCI 6A F 00R J00 834   FORD CARGO ECOTORQ 300/ECOTORQ 240 F 00R J02 377   AGRALE-DEUTZ MAXXFORCE 4.8 F 00R J02 429   YAMZ 5343,5344 EUR4 F 00R J02 449   MAN D0836 LOH60/D0836 LOH61 F 00R J02 454   FORD ECOTORQ 300 F 00R J00 218   RENAULT DCI 06.23.56 B43 F 00R J01 218     F 00R J01 222     F 00R J01 278   IVECO NEF6/F4AE3481A´ F 00R J01 005   DODGE RAM 3500 F 00R J01 334     F 00R J01 428   MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK&BUS CO 4M50-7AT7 F 00R J01 895   RENAULT 210MIDLUM/220 4*2 MIDLUM/270 MIDLUM DCI6AE/DCI6W/DCI6A F 00R J01 129   VW ISC F 00R J01 326     F 00R J01 508     F 00R J01 522     F 00R J01 565     F 00R J01 945   DODGE RAM2500 5.9 ETC F 00R J02 016     F 00R J02 044     F 00R J02 073   MAN D2868 LF02/D2868 LF05/D2868 LF03 F 00R J02 079     F 00R J02 122     F 00R J02 235     F 00R J02 246   MITSUBISHI CANTER-35 4M42-T1/4M42-T2 F 00R J02 278     F 00R J02 304     F 00R J02 386   MITSUBISHI 4M50-T5 F 00R J02 397     F 00R J02 410   MAN D2066 LOH28/D2066 LF51 F 00R J02 453     F 00R J02 492     F 00R J02 561   MAN TGX 18.680 D2868 LF02/D2868LF05 F 00R J02 586     F 00R J02 714   MASSEY-FERGUSON MF8670 84W 1 F 00R J00 298     F 00R J00 527     F 00R J00 585     F 00R J00 751     F 00R J00 992     F 00R J00 995   MAN TGA41.660 VF D 2840 LF25 F 00R J03 064     F 00R J03 107     F 00R J03 556     F 00V C01 338   FIAT F1CE0481D/F1CE3481M F 00V C01 310   BMW 740D 39 8D 1 F 00V C01 312     F 00V C01 313   OPEL Z 17 DTL F 00V C01 315   FORD FOCUS C-MAX 1.6TDCI G8D´ F 00V C01 352   HYUNDAI h-12.5 CRDI D4CB F 00V C01 353   OPEL G9U-650/G9U-632 F 00V C01 346   HYUNDAI D4EB /HTI F 00V C01 334   FORD KA 1.3 TDCI 169 A´ F 00V C01 347   HYUNDAI D4FA/D4FB/D4FA-L/D3FA F 00V C01 368   LUFENG LANGDWIOND X6 2.5D R425DOHC F 00V C01 044   HYUNDAI ACCENT 1.5 CRDI D3-EA/D4EA F 00V C01 363   CHERY EASTAR 1.9D SQR481A F 00V C01 365   ANDORIA ADCR110 F 00V C01 367   DONGFENG YUNNEI 4D19TCI F 00V C01 371   DONGFENG 4102tci eu3 F 00V C01 358   BAW FENIX 1044 CA4DC2-10E3 F 00V C01 377   JMC 4JB1-EU4 F 00V C01 359   GREAT WALL GW2.8TC EU3 F 00V C01 383   CUMMINS ISF2.8 F 00V C01 386   HUATIAI B 1.5D 11 RA415 F 00V C01 001   MERCEDES BENZ E270 CDI OM 612.961 F 00V C01 033   HYUNDAI D4CB F 00V C01 003   PEUGEOT 206 2.0HDI/306 2.0HDI RHY F 00V C01 007   SMART MCC FORTWO 0.8CDI OM 660.940 F 00V C01 022   RENAULT AVANTIME 2.2 DCI G9T 712 F 00V C01 376   RENAULT TRAFIC II 2.0DCI M9R 786 F 00V C01 380   OPEL M9T69´ F 00V C01 324   DODGE SPRINTER 3500 2.7 OM 647 F 00V C01 328   MERCEDES BENZ OM 646.983/OM 646.982 F 00V C01 329   RENAULT MASCOTT 160 DXI 3-160 ZD3 604 F 00V C01 051   DODGE SPRINTER 2500 2.7 OM 612 F 00V C01 054   MERCEDES BENZ A 160CDI/ A 170 CDI OM 668.941 F 00V C01 005   OPEL VIVARO 1.9DTI F9Q-760 F 00V C01 013   CITROEN C8 2.0HDI RH´ F 00V C01 015   CHRYSLER VOYAGER 2.5CRD ENC/ENJ/ENR F 00V C01 038   FIAT ALBEA 1.3JTD 16V 188 A9.000 F 00V C01 043   BMW 330D 30 6D1 F 00V C01 046   ALFA ROMEO 182B9.000 F 00V C01 052   CITROEN C5 2.2HDI 4HX F 00V C01 053   FIAT DUCATO 11 2.0JTD RHV F 00V C01 023   VW LT 28 2.8TDI/VW LT 35 2.8 TDI/VW LT 46 2.8 TDI AUH F 00V C01 024   MERCEDES BENZ VANEO CDI 1.7 OM 688.914 F 00V C01 309   MERCEDES BENZ E200 CDI OM 646.951 F 00V C01 045   MERCEDES BENZ OM 611.981 DELA F 00V C01 034   RENAULT F9Q-790/F9Q-738 F 00V C01 349   FORD WEC F 00V C01 004   BMW 740D 39 8DI F 00V C01 006     F 00V C01 009     F 00V C01 010     F 00V C01 011   RENAULT ESPACE III 2.2 DCI G9T 642/G9T 710 F 00V C01 012     F 00V C01 013   CITROEN C8 2.0HDI RH´ F 00V C01 014     F 00V C01 015   CHRYSLER VOYAGER 2.5CRD ENC/ENJ/ENR F 00V C01 016   FIAT BRAVA 1.9JTD 182 B4.000 F 00V C01 017     F 00V C01 018     F 00V C01 020   ALFA ROMEO AR37101 /937A2.000 F 00V C01 035   AUDI A8 3.3TDI AKF F 00V C01 036   ALFA ROMEO 937 A4.000 F 00V C01 037   FIAT IDEA 1.9 MULTIJET 188 B2.000 F 00V C01 040     F 00V C01 042   FIAT PUNTO 1.9JTD 188 A2.000/188A7.000 F 00V C01 050     F 00V C01 055   HYUNDAI D4FA F 00V C01 057     F 00V C01 200     F 00V C01 201     F 00V C01 202     F 00V C01 203     F 00V C01 204     F 00V C01 206     F 00V C01 300     F 00V C01 301   VOLVO S60I 2.4D D5244T3/D5244T2/D5244T F 00V C01 303   PEUGEOT 206 1.4HDI 8H´ F 00V C01 304     F 00V C01 305     F 00V C01 306     F 00V C01 307     F 00V C01 309   MERCEDES BENZ OM 646.951 F 00V C01 311   AUDI A8 4.0TDI ASE F 00V C01 316     F 00V C01 317   SUZUKI GRAND VITARA 1.9 DDIS F9Q F 00V C01 318   BMW 318D 20 4D 4 F 00V C01 319     F 00V C01 320   OPEL Z19DTJ/Z19DTH F 00V C01 321   SAAB 9-3 1.9TID Z19DT F 00V C01 322     F 00V C01 323   MERCEDES BENZ OM 640.942/OM 640.940/OM 640.941 F 00V C01 324   DODGE SPRINTER 3500 2.7 OM 647 F 00V C01 325   HONDA N22A1 F 00V C01 327     F 00V C01 328   MERCEDES BENZ OM 646.983 F 00V C01 329   RENAULT MASCOTT 160 DXI 3-160 ZD3 604 F 00V C01 330     F 00V C01 331   BMW 118D/BMW 325D 20 4D 4/30 6D 3 F 00V C01 332   JEEP LIBERTY 2.8 CRD ENR F 00V C01 333   JEEP CHEROKEE 2.8 CRD ENR F 00V C01 334   FIAT 169 A1.000/199 A2.000/199 A3.000 F 00V C01 335   KIA SORENTO 2.5 VGT CRDI F 00V C01 336   FIAT CROMA 2.4JTD 939 A3.000 F 00V C01 337     F 00V C01 340     F 00V C01 341   MERCEDES BENZ OM 646.962 F 00V C01 342   CITROEN 8H´ F 00V C01 344   ALFA ROMEO 939 A7.000 F 00V C01 345   VOLVO C30 D5/VOLVO S80 II D5 D5244T9/D5244T4 F 00V C01 347   HYUNDAI D4FA/D4FB/D4FA-L/D3FA F 00V C01 348   RENAULT G9G 645 F 00V C01 351     F 00V C01 354   CITROEN 9HV/9HZ/9HS F 00V C01 355   RENAULT F9Q 816 F 00V C01 356     F 00V C01 357   BMW 116D/BMW 118D N47 D20´/N47 D20C F 00V C01 360   ALFA ROMEO 939 B4.000/939 B3.000 F 00V C01 361   HONDA N22A2 F 00V C01 362   SMART 660.950 F 00V C01 364   CITROEN BERING0 1.6HDI 9HT/9HX F 00V C01 366   VOLVO D5244T5/D5244T4 F 00V C01 369     F 00V C01 370   MERCEDES-BENZ A160CDI/A180 CDI OM 640.942 F 00V C01 372     F 00V C01 373     F 00V C01 374     F 00V C01 375     F 00V C01 378   MERCEDES-BENZ OM 640.942/OM 640.940/OM 640.941 F 00V C01 379   CHEVROLET S10 2.8 CDCI XLD28 F 00V C01 381     F 00V C01 382     F 00V C01 384     F 00V C01 385     F 00V C01 500     F 00V C01 501     F 00V C01 502     F 00V C01 503     F 00V C01 504     F 00V C01 505     F 00V C01 506     F 00V C01 507     F 00V C01 508     F 00V C01 509     F 00V C01 510     F 00V C01 511     F 00V C01 512     F 00V C01 513     F 00V C01 514     F 00V C01 515     F 00V C01 516     F 00V C01 518     F 00V C01 519     F 00V C01 521     F 00V C01 523     F 00V C01 524     F 00V C01 525     F 00V C01 526     F 00V C01 528     F 00V C01 529     F 00V C01 533     F 00V C01 534     F 00V C01 536     F 00V C01 537     F 00V C01 538     F 00V C01 539     F 00V C01 A43     F 00V C01 D01     F 00V C01 S01     F 00V C01 S45    

  • China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader
    China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader Cheap price&best quality. Fast delivery. shock absorber,water pump,oil pump,ball joint,tie rod end,stabilizer link,rack end,control arm,clutch,wheel hub,alloy wheel,etc

    Established in 1980, we are one of the leading metal parts suppliers in China, we can offer forging parts, casting parts, metal stamping parts, CNC machining parts, metal injection molding (mim) parts. If you have any enquiry for quotation, please contact us freely.

  • China PMPMold&Plastic co. Ltd.
    PMP Mold is a professional mould enterprise.We are most specialized in the rapid prototype tooling and the tools for volume production. Most of the injection mold and die casting included fully automatic mechanisms using variety standard hot runner systems.

  • Chunbo metal stamping tool Co.,ltd
    Chunbo Metal Stamping tool Co.,ltd(nicola0208@163.com, 13922547426) is the professional metal stamping and metal mould manufacturer. We make single station die, progressive die as per customer's requirements. Our dies apply for automobile, household, electronics. and other field.Our main product is Stamping dies and tooling as Stage tooling, Progressive tooling, Transfer tooling, Deep drawing, Rapid prototyping, etc. Metal Stamping parts and components like automotive parts, electronic components, home appliances, sheet metal stamping, appliances hardware, kitchen hardware and other industrial metal parts. Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Company
    We AVTEC Limited ( Indian Company and part of Multi Billion Dollar Group- C K Birla group ) would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our capabilities We are engaged in the manufacture of power-train engines and transmissions and precision engineered products and components. For engine we manufacture cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod & Engine Timing Gear and for the transmission we have setup for complete manufacture of gears, shafts, sleeves, synchrocones starting from gear cutting through heat treatment and grinding. We have customer specific assembly and testing facilities for engines and transmissions. Our Clients Include for Complete Power-train ( Aggregate ) General Motors India , Ford India Limited , Daimler India Commercial Vehicle, Nissan Ashok Leyland Clients for Component Supplies - Allison, Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle , Eaton Corp, Jaguar Land Rover, Diesel Locomotive Works,M&M,TML, Daimler India , Caterpillar

  • DENSO Common Rail Control Valve
    DENSO Common Rail Control Valve DENSO NO. FOR INJECTOR NO. Application 1 200 701 (52.7mm) 095000-6373 ISUZU 6HK1 1 200 702 (64.9mm) 095000-7140 HYUNDAI Mighty Mega 1 200 703 (77.5mm)     1 200 704 (113mm) 095000-6791 SDEC TRUCK 1 200 705 (63.5mm) 095000-6583 HINO BUS J08E           Control Valve PART NO. OEM NO. Application 9308Z621C 28239294/28440421 FORD FOCUS MK 1.8L TDCI (115BHP) Engine 9308Z622B 28239295/28278897 JCB LOADING SHOVERL 4.4L EXCAVATOR 7135-486   VOLVO 12L TRUCK D12 EURO 3 06/01 7206-0379 B30096-10   VOLVO 12L TRUCK D12 EURO 3 06/01 FOR BEBE4C00101 7206-0379 B30096-22   VOLVO 12L TRUCK D12 EURO 3 06/01 FOR BEBE4C00101 0379   VOLVO 12L BUS D12 EURO 3 FOR BEBE4C01101 32F61-00062   CAT 320D EXCAVATOR 32F61-00060   CAT 320D EXCAVATOR 1 209 857   CAT C7/C9 FOR INJECTOR 235-2888 F 00H N37 925   FOR ELECTRONICAL UNIT INJECTOR 0 414 701 005 F 00H N37 933   FOR ELECTRONICAL UNIT INJECTOR 0 414 702 010 F 00H N37 433   FOR ELECTRONICAL UNIT PUMP 0 414 755 002/003 Common Rail Control Valve BOSCH NO. F OOR J02 130 F OOR J01 941 F OOR J01 692 F OOV C01 359 F OOR J01 657 F OOR J00 339 F OOR J01 479 F OOR J01 479 F OOR C01 383 F OOR J01 727 F OOR J02 056 F OOR J02 035 F OOR J02 266 F OOR J00 005 F OOR J00 339 F OOR J00 399 F OOR J01 727 F OOR J02 035 F OOR J02 056 F OOR J02 454 F OOR J02 472 F OOR J02 806 F OOV C01 001 F OOV C01 003 F OOV C01 022 F OOV C01 358 F OOV C01 371 F OOR J00 218 F OOV C01 328 F OOR J01 218 F OOV C01 051 F OOV C01 005 F OOR JO1 159 F OOV C01 044 F OOV C01 038 F OOV C01 046 F OOV C01 053 F OOV C01 023 F OOV C01 309 F OOV C01 334 F OOV C01 310 F OOV C01 352 F OOV C01 346 F OOV C01 045 F OOV C01 033 F OOV C01 349 F OOR J01 479 F OOV C01 383 F OOV C01 365 F OOR J02 466 DENSO NO. 1 200 701 (52.7mm) 1 200 702 (64.9mm) 1 200 703 (77.5mm) 1 200 704 (113mm) 1 200 705 (63.5mm) 85mm 87mm 66.7mm 90.4mm 93.5mm 1 200 701 1 200 701 1 200 701 1 200 701 1 200 705 1 200 701 1 200 701 Common Rail Control Valve Parts No. Cylinders F 00R J01 727 6 F 00R J01 692 6 F 00R J02 035 6 F 00R J01 704 6 F 00R J02 806 6 F 00R J01 657 6 F 00R J02 472 6 F 00R J01 479 6 F 00R J00 339 6 F 00R J00 399 6 F 00R J02 130 6 F 00R J01 941 6 F 00R J00 005 6 F 00R J02 103 6 F 00R J00 375 6 F 00R J01 159 6 F 00R J02 005 6 F 00R J02 466 6 F 00R J02 213 6 F 00R J01 819 6 F 00R J02 056 6 F 00R J01 714 6 F 00R J01 329 6 F 00R J02 506 6 F 00V C01 363 4 F 00V C01 365 4 F 00V C01 367 4 F 00V C01 371 4 F 00V C01 358 4 F 00V C01 377 4 F 00V C01 359 4 F 00V C01 383 4 F 00V C01 386 4 F 00V C01 001 4 F 00V C01 033 4 F 00V C01 044 4 F 00V C01 334 4 F 00V C01 347 4 F 00V C01 368 4

  • E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH
    E-T-A offers tailor-made circuit breaker and power management solutions for the electrical protection of your equipment and products.

    We manufacture all kinds for brass parts used in Agricultural parts, Plumbing / sanitary parts, Auto parts, electrical fittings, etc.. We can manufacture any brass parts as per your requirement and specifications. contact Chaitan euromet07@gmail.com +386 51483000

  • Executive Management Consulting
    With several years of professional activity at the highest level with international Companies and highly engineered products, we can provide our professional services as Consultancy, Interim Management, Advisoring, Technical-Sales Representive regarding Business Developmens, Marketing, M&A, P&L improvements, including operational restructuring and re-organization activity in the automotive and industrial sector to support OEMs, Tier1/2 suppliers, private equity banks and hedge funds. Extensive relationship network with experiences international business consultants.

  • Glastonbury Southern Gage
    Largest manufacturer of Hard Gauging and Surveillance Masters in the US. At Glastonbury Southern Gage, We add and additional decimal point to manufacturing.

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