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  • Becchis Osiride S.r.l.
    Becchis Osiride Srl is a leading company among the European manufacturers of bitumen based sound dampening materials, heavy layers and materials for acoustic insulation.

  • O.E.D CO., LTD
    O.E.D is a reputable factory in manufacturing tungsten carbide for over 20 years, our main products are as follow: 1) Cutting inserts, Shims, Woodworking tools, Saw tips, Percussive drill tips 2) Cold forging dies, Wire drawing dies, Milling tools, Tyre nails 3) Tungsten carbide rollers, circular knives & discs 4) Plates, Sheets and Strips 5) Rods and Bars 6) Balls & Seats 7) Tungsten carbide burrs 8) Ceramic tile cutters 9) Customized products according to customer¡¯s requirement or drawing For further information, please kindly visit our website: www.china-oed.com Our business has been extended to Germany, United States, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Thailand and others. We are full of confidence to offer you high quality product with best price. If you are interesting in above items, please send your enquiry to us at any time. We look forward to your response and cooperate with you in near future. With best regards Katrina Lee Email: katrina.oed@hotmail.com Hunan Golden Globe O.E.D Hardmetal Co., Ltd No. 1403, Sector A, Yaohua Plaza, Changjiang Road Zhuzhou, Hunan, China 412007 Tel: +86 731 2883 8869 Fax: +86 731 2881 1638 MSN: lwy34@hotmail.com Web: www.china-oed.com

  • oceans GmbH
    Our speciality is the realization of properly matching solutions for sales -, marketing and service activities.

  • Och GmbH
    Och GmbH delivers complete systems for revolving treatment, grinding treatment, measuring technique, milling treatment, erosion treatment, tools, jigs and fixtures.

  • Odenwald-Chemie GmbH
    Als Anbieter von Schaum und Vlies -Systeme , Odenwald ist ein langjähriger Partner der Automobilindustrie.

  • ODU Automotive GmbH
    ODU is a specialist for customer specific connectors for years.

  • ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG
    The ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG develops and manufactures connectors based on turned and stamped contacts for power and signal transmission.

  • Oechsler AG
    OECHSLER AG specializes in the production of high precision plastic parts and assemblies, serving primarily the automotive industry.

  • Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH
    Oerlikon Balzers is the world’s leading supplier of surface technologies, which significantly improve the performance and durability of precision components as well as tools for the metal and plastics processing industries. These coatings marketed under the BALINIT® brand name, are extremely thin and exceptionally hard. They significantly reduce friction and wear. Oerlikon Balzers offers coating services in almost 90 coating centres in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

  • Oesterle GmbH
    Oesterle GmbH manufactures metal-injection molding-parts in steel, stainless steel and other alloys.

    OGIHARA AMERICA CORPORATION began the stamping and sub-assembly of body panels in the United States in 1987. Ogihara Corporation, a world-renowned Japanese tool and die company for the automotive industry since 1951, had achieved its goal of North American presence. Capacity and customer base has expanded through the years. In October 1996, our Alabama plant began production. Today, Ogihara America is a Tier 1 supplier highly respected for its exceptional product quality of Class A and related body panels. Ogihara Group's fourteen plants and offices around the world share a tradition of commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

  • Oil filtration machine
    We specialize in alternative oils filtration - recycling solutions for a global market. Help our customers by reusing oils and doubling benefit. We are proud to be a company with a clear priority in helping to reduce used oil disposal to make a better environment.

  • Oil separator purifier
    Oil separator purifier by coalescing and centrifugal technical to remove water, impurity from oil.

  • OILES America Corporation
    OILES America Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Oiles Corporation of Japan, an internationally recognized leader in maintenance free bearing products. OILES America Corporation is a major supplier of bearing products to the auto industry, both as a first tier supplier and in support of other first tier manufacturers. In the industrial equipment market, OILES America Corporation’s maintenance free bearing products offer cost effective alternatives to automatic lubrication systems, while freeing machine operators from day to day lubrication requirements.

  • Okartek OY
    Okartek, founded in 1984, has specialized in producing high quality technical components made of different plastic polymers.

  • Olbrich GmbH & Co. KG
    Olbrich undertakes the development and design of trim and sound insulations for passenger vehicles.

  • OLHO Group
    The OLHO Group produces plastic parts for the automotive interior by means of 2-K injection moulding and GIT. Several techniques of surface treatment like painting, foil insert moulding and 2-k injection moulding with PUR and TPU belong to the core competence of the OLHO Group.

  • Olin Brass
    Today, the Olin Brass organization utilizes more than 60 copper-based alloys, including over 15 High Performance Alloys, to produce specialized sheet and strip products for diverse industries. Primary markets for our high-performance products worldwide include automotive, builders' hardware, micro-electronics, communications, ammunition and coinage.

  • Omax Autos Ltd.
    Omax is manufacturing sheet metal tubular and machined components for Automobile Industry. Hero Honda Motors (HHML) is one of the largest customers of the company.

  • OMB Saleri S.p.A.
    OMB Saleri S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of gas safety and automotive valves, additionally providing subcontractor services.

    OME is a medium-sized manufacturer of plastic / metal tools as well as injection molded, die cast, stamped, deep drawn and metal spinning products.

  • Omega Brake Components Ltd.
    ECE R90 certified manufacturers of asbestos-free disc brake pads for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles.

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