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  • J.G.Knopf's Sohn GmbH Co KG
    When active people sit down they want to be relaxed and comfortable. They prefer to take their place on a visually attractive seat. It goes without saying that cleaning, durability, and robustness must not pose any problems. We know all about the high demands placed on mobile textiles.

  • J.JUAN, SA
    J.JUAN sited not only as leader in thi mechanic transmission cable market, othewise has avanced in the innovation and thecnologic development of a new product Hydraulic brake hoses, always with application to manufactures or O.M.Parts.JJUAN is in the Century XXI, a great industrial reality.

    JST manufactures and sells all over the world connectors, terminals, wire & cables into the automotive industry and many other segments.

  • JABA Goup AB
    JABA Group originates from Collins & Aikman, who have manufactured absorbents and other products for over three decades in Högsäter. Today we are about 30 people who manufacture sound-absorbents for the interior and exterior. There are absorbents in many different sizes and for many different purposes, for example around engines in vehicles. We also manufacture headlining and interior trim panels for the motorvehicle industry.

  • Jacob Kunststofftechnik
    Jacob is the European market leader for three-dimensionally thermoformed design foils and already supplies those components to major OEMs. Our Composite division provides ultra light weight, continuous fibre reinforced plastics for structural applications. Those high performance systems show excellent specific crash energy absorption capabilities.

  • Jacobsen Real-Time X-Ray Machinery Inc.
    MAXIwheel™ Xtreme Series: manually, semi and fully automated real time six axis AC servo x-ray wheel inspection system (patent pending). Built to your application and budget. The system is your high performer that inspects all types of light alloy wheels between 13inch and 24.5inch, up to 12inch in wheel height. This system is based on continual improvement since 1982. All geared wheel manipulator has no chains, no timing belts, no adjustments and is of little maintenance. Options are available. Coming soon: MAXItire™ Xtreme: tire x-ray inspection system.

    Our 5000 m2 factory and its design office are located at Saint Martin du Fresne. We specialise in metal assemblies using wires, tubes and stripes.

  • Jaeppelt - Company Development international
    Jaeppelt - Company Develoment International takes care of your business going international - from analyzing the suitable location until actually starting production in your new plant.

  • jambit Software Development & Management GmbH.
    jambit provides system design and software engineering of tailored distributed and mobile software systems. Our services include industrial and public research & development and eBusiness applications.

  • Jamna Auto Industries Ltd.
    The JAI group manufactures multi leaf springs and parabolic leaf springs for major OEM in India and abroad. JAI group is one of the leading manufacturing and designing company of leaf springs in the globe. Each of our products is committed to have a high reliability and high comfortable ride suspension.

    Gaskets and bellows.

  • Janome Industrial Equipment
    Janome I.E. manufactures innovative, affordable, and flexible automation platforms. Janome has been producing industrial equipment with patented technology for over 20 years. Application specific operating software allows Janome to provide solutions in a wide array of areas. Please join us as we guide you through the wide world of Janome Industrial Equipment.

  • Jantsch Kunststofftechnik GmbH
    Product development, mold making, precision plastic parts,Vacuum casting of prototypes

  • Jason tooling (China) Ltd
    JASON Tooling( www.sz-jason.com/market358@sz-jason.com ) is a professional mold-making manufacturer from Shenzhen, China with over 20 years precise exporting experience and good reputation globally. Now JASON has become a large moulds vendor with specialty of 1k/2k/ 3k mold technology, optical mold technology, over-molding, gas injection technology. Automotive is 80% of our turnover with strong business supporting from global Tier 1 suppliers of Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Ford, Honda, Toyota etc. We have Hi-tech Engineering team and English project tracking team with the whole link service from R&D to prototype to mold construction building to mold-making to well-done part to on-site after-service. Capability in JASON is around 50 sets molds/month, 500sets molds/year. Mould weight range is from 1Ton to 50Ton. Warmly welcome your auditing on-site and new inquiries, we will feedback our best price, best lead time and best service to win your long-termed business partner relationship.

  • Jaya Hind Industries Ltd.
    Founded on 11th January 1947, by Shri. N.K.Firodia, Jaya Hind Industries ltd. is one of the leading Auto Components companies in India-specialising in Die Casting and Auto Electricals.

  • JBM Sungwoo Ltd.
    Ours is a very young, but a very dynamic organization, totally dedicated and committed to the automotive industry, with the sole objective of manufacturing technologically superior sheet metal products of consistent quality, efficiently and at best cost.

  • Jehle AG
    Jehle AG is a leading and competent partner for stamping and forming technologies. Our services extend from developing and engineering to manufacturing of various parts. Innovation is our strength.

  • Jessica Nordhoff Coaching Consulting Training
    As an offshoot of the renowned RWTH-Aachen, Jessica Nordhoff Coaching-Consulting-Training is an international training and consulting company specializing in certain countries, topics and industries. We specialize in coaching, consulting and training small and mid-sized technology and industry companies in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia (China). In all aspects, our divisions consider inter-cultural components in particular.

  • JESTIC s.j.
    Jestic is one of the biggest manufacturers of wheel covers in Europe.

  • JET PRESS Ltd.
    Manufacturer and distributors of weld nuts and other special fasteners.

  • Jete Electronics Co., Ltd
    Jete Electronics Co.Ltd. is a professional SMD electronic company. We can provide with capability in support to multi-category, multi-specifications, multi-variety and high volume parts.

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