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  • Drive-IT: Software for DMS, Lease, Fleet, Rent, Import from Helios-IT
    Drive-IT is a modular software system that was developed for the integrated management of automotive companies. The modules of this application are particularly well suited for: - Car Dealers - Leasing companies - Fleet management - Renting - Import - Finance

  • Hamsan Technology CO.,LTD
    HAMSAN Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of enterprise magnesium alloy / zinc alloy die castings, Aluminum alloy die castings and aluminum forging parts, mobile phones and digital products the appearance decorative parts, metal structural parts.

  • I&R Konzeptberatung
    Optimisation of technical products and services: project management and realisation, interim management, cost saving and optimisation of products and technical services, reduction of material and production costs, target Engineering, functional analysis etc.

  • I&T Innovation Technology Entwicklungs- und Holding AG
    I&T develops and produces flat cables with insulating materials which can cover all areas of modern cabling. Innovations in hybrid FFCe structures such as copper and fibre glass combinations or flatly extruded, screened products and other materials are the standard of the future.

  • I-Diag
    iDiag provides the global automotive industry with advanced, Web-based services that dramatically simplify vehicle diagnostic processes and reduce warranty costs while raising customer satisfaction. The iDiag talent pool comprises engineers, software developers and project managers with extensive experience in automotive and avionics diagnostic support.

  • I. Waxman & Sons Limited
    Scrap metal recycler, scrap metal broker, aluminium tolling, copper tolling, waste haulage, scrap handling systems design, scap handling systems consulting.

  • I.T.S. GmbH - Ingenieurbüro für Technologie-Service
    Our portfolio of services ranges from construction and automation techniques for automotive suppliers and machine engineering to EDP, network techniques and solutions for the internet.

  • I.W.A. GmbH
    We are producers of conveying systems of any kind, covering planning, installation, maintenance and repair. Besides the every- day systems we are specialized in carrying out any kind of special and high-tech solutions.

  • IAMU S.A. Blaj
    The Company IAMU S.A. Blaj was established in 1972 having the name of Accessories Company for Machine – Tools and its main activity is projection, execution and delivery of fine mechanics products from the category of accessories , equipments and completion elements for machine-tools, and of component part of linear technology. Since 2001 the Quality Management System Certification according to ISO-9001:2000, given by TÜV-CERT, represents the guarantee of the high quality level of the products executed and supplied by IAMU S.A. Our company has got the necessary technical endowment in order to execute mechanical processings according to the customer's requirements, on a large scale of classic and CNC machine-tools.

  • Ian Martin Limited
    Outsourced automotive mechanical design - CATIA & unigraphics design outsourced automotive electronics design - Pro/Eng software, outsourced technical writing.

  • IAV Automotive Engineering Inc.
    IAV Automotive Engineering Inc. is one of the fastest growing businesses in the metro-Detroit area. IAV Group has offices located throughout the world, serving the automotive industry with a talented team of more than 2200 people. As a full-service engineering provider, we develop and integrate complete powertrain electrical and control systems, as well as individual parts and modules. Whether your needs entail an algorithm, a software package or a mass production calibration, IAV offers unrivaled expertise, quality and price structures.

  • ibb Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
    As an independent engineering partner ibb develops tailor-made draughts appropriate for manufacturing and solutions for the most different technical requirements.

  • IBS AG
    IBS has developed CAQ=QSYS® Automotive - a system for integrated quality assurance in automobile construction that covers the entire process from the body shell to the finished product, protecting running capacity, punctuality, stability and reduced processing times throughout the production process.

  • iC-Haus GmbH
    Industrial and automotive ASIC/ASSP

  • ICAM Technologies Corporation
    Design of multi-axis post processing development and management software to enable interfacing of main CAD/CAM software with all NC machining tools.

    Manufacturer of non-asbestos brake linings and brake pads for trucks, trailers and busses. Clutch facings, flexible linings in rolls and steel rivets

  • Ident Technology AG
    SKINPLEX - innovative technology for identification (comfort access, intelligent switches etc.) and detection (approaching sensors, anti-jamming)

    The IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG specializes in what is called Intelligent Asset Management™ systems that use RFID to deliver real time information on mobile resources for real control and real value in all areas of the supply chain.

  • identWERK GmbH
    The identWERK GmbH is a full service provider for development of innovative, custom-made and integrated problem solutions in the field of automatic identification (e.g. RFID, barcodes).

  • IEC Mould Engineering Making Limited
    At IEC Mould, we have been specializing in making and exporting of various moulds, mould parts, and molded products for many years. Our business covers plastics moulds and dies, die casting, metal injection molding, etc.

  • IEE S.A.
    IEE is an international company offering innovative sensing solutions enabling people to lead a better, safer and easier life. IEE is the global leader in automotive safety sensing systems for occupant detection and classification.

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