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  • BIS Chemserv GmbH
    BIS Chemserv GmbH ist der Spezialist für industrielle Dienstleistungen. Unternehmen Standorte in Linz , Burghausen, Krems , Schwechat, Ebensee und Neustadt zu gewährleisten Nähe zum Kunden. Moderne Geräte , mobile Workshops sowie hochqualifizierte und motivierte Mitarbeiter ermöglichen BIS Chemserv auf fast alle Arten von Problemen umgehen - vor allem vor Ort , sondern auch im BIS Chemserv Workshops. Unsere eigene staatlich anerkannte Institute bieten Unterstützung durch Beratung und Analysen durchführen und Prüfungen. Integriertes Engineering verbindet Kompetenzen in den verschiedensten Bereichen mit Erfahrungen in der Wartung Aktivitäten in einer vernetzten Paket. Als Mitglied der Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Gruppe, hat BIS Chemserv die Möglichkeit, sowohl ihre eigenen Ressourcen und die durch die Teilung zu nutzen.

  • C & W Electronics Pte Ltd
    C&W Electronics manufactures complex bundled wiring harnesses & electromechanial assemblies.

  • C-MAC Micro technology Inc.
    Manufacture of electronic products such as EMI engine filters and LMP Battery controls.

  • C. H. Müller GmbH
    CHM is specialised on Laminations and Coating for the Automotive Interior. High-Volume-Production and selective niche products under one roof - this is our strength!

  • C. Hübner GmbH
    Injection Molding and galvanization of plastics.

  • C.I.E.B. Kahovec, Ltd.
    At present C.I.E.B. Kahovec Ltd. offer a wide and varied portfolio of suspended and unsuspended driver seats for trucks, service vehicles, agricultural and building machinery, buses, trams, trolleys and trains (locomotives).

  • C.K. Auto Part & Accessories Co., Ltd.
    Through 30 years of establishment from car service business to be manufacturing of Automotive Accessories, C.K. Auto Part & Accessories have consistently followed the set policy in delivering the best service to customers. We are also committed to consistent improvement of product quality as well as our organizational management to ensure we keep on our success path and that we are accepted internationally.

  • Cable Mfg. & Assembly Co., Inc.
    Since its inception in 1974, CMA has steadily grown and expanded into our present position as a major manufacturer in the cable assembly and controls industry.

    So our works is for any customer who needs to assemble electronic equipments, electric parts, electric connections and it can be used, for example, to complete the realization of domestic appliances, electric engines, etc.

  • Cable Team Poland Sp. z o.o.
    Cable Team Poland produces wire harnesses for agricultural vehicles, telecommunication, industrial robots and motor industry.

    Wiring harness specialists since 1963; ISO/TS 16949 certified for production and development; Energy and communications harnesses for miscellaneous applications in the vehicle: motorfan harness (GMV), parking aid (AAS), airbags, fuel pump, cockpit, antenna, GPS, etc.; State-of-the-art technology for the production of wiring harnesses: automatic machinery for cable cutting - marking - silicone joint assembly - terminal crimping, ultrasonic welding, low pressure overmoulding, etc.; Own lab for mechanical and electrical testing; Others: EDI, 3D design (CATIA, AutoCAD), Videoconferencing facilities.

  • Cablexperts
    Consultant for the wire and cable industry. New technologies, improvement of production conditiones, introduction of new methods.

  • CAD-CAM Office oHG
    CAD-CAM Office oHG is a specialist for - Product Development - Mold Tool Design & Construction - CAM / NC- Milling Programs CAD Systems: Unigraphics, CATIA

  • CAD-FEM GmbH
    CAD-FEM GmbH is one of the leading provider of applications for simulations based on the finite element method (FEM).

  • CAD-Technik Kleinkoenen GmbH
    CAD-Technik Kleinkoenen stands for forward-looking developments using cutting-edge technologies. An excellent track record, very high quality standards and satisfied customers are our driving force: we give precise realisation to your ideas, enabling you to create highly complex products. Our services essentially range from developing and designing vehicle components to providing training using CATIA- and Pro/ENGINEER Software.

  • CADDIT.net
    CADDIT.net specializes in industrial drafting and design, product development especially for plastic parts and products, small and large.

  • CADmech Design Inc.
    Offering services in the areas of mechanical design, project engineering and engineering analysis for the automotive industrial automation, medical and aerospace industries with expertise in utilizing state of the art design tools: Unigraphics, CATIA, SolidWOrks.

  • Cadryn Technologies
    Wir expertize in Industrie-und mechanische Konstruktion für die Produktentwicklung und das Reverse Engineering . Wir bieten Ihnen Design-to- Lösungen für die Herstellung von technisch und wirtschaftlich tragfähiger neuer Produkte, zu Ihrem Business-Plan mit minimalen Risiken zu unterstützen und es zu merken kostengünstig . Product Development Reverse Engineering CAD / CAE / CAM Grafik & Animation Rapid Prototyping Contract Manufacturing

  • Calix Automotive AB
    Development, manufacturing and sales of Electrical Preheating Systems for Vehicles.

  • CAM Systems GmbH
    CAM advises to use and use of software technologies, compiles concepts and prototypes, developed and integrates custom-made solutions and takes over as long-term partners quality management and project responsibility.

  • Cambridge Materials Testing Limited
    Chemical, physical and mechanical testing of metals, plastics and rubbers. Corrosion, weathering, artificial aging, vibration testing and colour matching. Analysis of failed components, automotive parts compliance testing.

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