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  • cable and connector supplier and excess managment
    We are an Italian SME Company that has developed a web based strategy to sell stock excess of electric, electromechanical and electronic components. The main advantage is that the business flow is very easy and fast and you have the possibility of getting in touch with somebody that really need your phase out item

  • CIKONI composites innovation
    CIKONI is an engineering company, based in Stuttgart, Germany, that specializes on innovative lightweight and composite solutions. We develop lightweight products and concepts with high performance fiber-reinforced composites (e.g. CFRP, GFRP, AFRP) or in hybrid design for global customers. We use the latest design tools, advanced simulation approaches and composite specific FEA methods (e.g. for strength, stiffness and crash) to detail and dimension your structural components. CIKONI composites innovation stands for holistic knowledge-based engineering services along the whole process chain. This includes manufacturing process and machinery development that suits your requirements, e.g. for cost-efficient medium volume preform production or 3D fiber winding. We advise your company in technology driven or strategic decisions related to lightweight design and support your market oriented product specification, or the establishment of a composite-specific quality management. Our award-winning expertise has led to collaboration with partners from the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as the consumer market. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements – the first step to a long-term successful collaboration. We look forward to your challenges. Our expertise includes: - Composite conceptual design and detailed part design with CAD - Dimensioning, strength calculation and numerical optimization with FEA - Process development for automated preforming and 3D fiber winding - Holistic quality management for composites - Strategy and technology consulting for lightweight innovations - Method development and material characterization for composites simulation

  • Executive Management Consulting
    With several years of professional activity at the highest level with international Companies and highly engineered products, we can provide our professional services as Consultancy, Interim Management, Advisoring, Technical-Sales Representive regarding Business Developmens, Marketing, M&A, P&L improvements, including operational restructuring and re-organization activity in the automotive and industrial sector to support OEMs, Tier1/2 suppliers, private equity banks and hedge funds. Extensive relationship network with experiences international business consultants.

  • Hamsan Technology CO.,LTD
    HAMSAN Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of enterprise magnesium alloy / zinc alloy die castings, Aluminum alloy die castings and aluminum forging parts, mobile phones and digital products the appearance decorative parts, metal structural parts.

  • Magna Donnelly
    Exterior mirors (manual, power, folding, electrochromatic, extendable), interior mirors, power actuators, electronics.

  • Mahavir Enterprises
    Molded Products Range Includes - Grommets, Bumpers, Dampers, Isolators, Anti Vibration Pads, Silent Bloc, Silent Block Bushes, Suspension Bushings, Anti Roll Bar Bushes, Sway Bar Bushing, Control Arm Bushings, PU Bumpers, Jounce Bumpers, Urethane Bumpers, Dust Cap Extruded Sealings Range includes - Windshield Gaskets, Under Hood Seals, Window Rubber, Door Seals, Glass Encapsulation Gaskets, Fixed Door Seal, Moldings, Butyl adhesive windshield moldings, Backlite Moldings, Under Hood Seals, Tail Gate Seal, Extruded Rubber Profiles, TPV Automotive Sealings. Extruded Hoses and Tubings Range includes - Fuel Line Hoses, Coolant Hoses, Heater Hoses, Silicone Hoses, Radiator Hoses, Hump Hoses, Mandre Formed Hoses

    We have manufactured mechanic,electronic and mechatronic parts for automotive since 1978.Our major parts;Actuators,Door locks,Door Handles,Central Access Control & RKE,Throttle & Brake Pedal,Position Sensors,Power Window Switch,...

    Market Istanbul Automotive is wholesaler and supplier company for European Truck, Bus and Trailers. We have more than 30.000 spare parts and we have exported for more than 50 countries from all over the world. Some Export Countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Serbia, Kosova, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India, Kazakhstan, Australia, Uganda, Mozambique, Mauritius, Colombia and many others ...

  • mbo Osswald GmbH & Co KG Metal processing - Linking technology
    mbo is a metal processing company with a wealth of experience and competence in the field of linking technology. Originally founded back in 1967, it nowadays has 70 fully trained staff. Usage of the latest manufacturing techniques guarantees top quality and rapid delivery times.

  • MDC Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd
    Unsere Design -Dienst verwendet die neuesten Versionen von Pro -E, UG, Cimatron , Auto- CAD- Designs für die Ausgabe in voller 3D-Formate . Das Design-Team hat viele Jahre Erfahrung in der Konzeption , kann es geben und das Konzept Designs aus den frühesten Stadium eines jeden Projekts.         ?             MDC in der Konstruktion, Herstellung , Modifikation und Wartung von Kunststoff- Spritzgussformen spezialisiert ist, bieten wir auch Know-how in Kiste Werkzeug-und Formenbau Paletten und SMC / BMC / GMT / LFT Schimmel.

  • Meccanica Generale
    Meccanica Generale is an Italian company specialized in design developing and manufacturing of injection molds for plastic products. We have big expertise and long experience in the fields of automotive, domestic appliance, material handling and medical devices. We have 3 production plants in Italy and our core business is the manufacturing of molds for plastic components, integrated with internal product development and engineering capabilities. Our engineers, business unit managers and mold makers have daily access to a know-how of over 50 years and we have the unique ability to handle almost any size of component and to manage long-distance projects.

    MEDINA TORRES is a manufacturer and supplier of leather and leather cuts for seats, steering wheels and accessories for the automotive industry.

  • Mesnard Catteau
    Mesnard Catteau produziert technische Naturfaservliese 1 bis 200 g / m². Unsere Kunden sind Unternehmen der Tier-One- Thermoformen für den sichtbaren Teppiche im Fahrgastraum und weiche Leisten im Kofferraum in der Automobil -, Bus- , LKW und Traktor- Industrie. Unsere Fähigkeiten und Know-how sind die Imprägnierung und Beschichtung von Latex, thermofusible Pulver, Laminierung Vliesschichten und Kunststofffolien für die Barriere , Schneiden in Blanks , Wärme Kalenderfunktionen . Mesnard Catteau stellt Technischen Vliesstoffe von 100 zu 2000 gqm gqm ihr. Unsere »Kunden SIND DIE Thermoformungssystemlieferanten der Automobilindustrie für Teppiche des Gastraums sterben und sterben Verkleidung des Kofferraums . Die Imprägnierung und Beschichtung von Harz, von Pulver, sterben Kaschierung von verschiedenen Vliese und Kunststofffolien , Das Querschneiden und sterben warme Kalandrierung Sind einige Beispiele , sterben zu unserem Beruf gehören .

  • microSYST Systemelectronic GmbH
    microSYST has three primary business divisions: 1. Display systems: microSYST provides customers with any desired display or a suitable display system, from small, numeric panel-mount and text displays, right on up to large format, video-compatible displays. 2. Order picking systems: We can hardly imagine everyday language today without terms as paperless order picking, Pick-to-Light, zero-error-strategy, poka-yoke or lean management. Wherever users perch on these strategies and at the same time set great value on quality, high efficiency, long lasting experience and industrial suitability every user finds in microSYST the best partner for realising his goals. 3. Product R&D: microSYST products demonstrate their strengths wherever highly professional demands have to be met. Ideally matched to the application, they’re distinguished by outstanding features. Hardware and software developments for device control, as well as PC applications, are the basis for product R&D.

  • MindTree Consulting
    MindTree Consulting offers product realization services to product companies in the technology field. MindTree’s technology expertise spans Chip Design, Embedded Software, Software Design, Development, Testing, Verification, Validation, Mainteneance, End to End Product Development for Chip Companies, Product Companies, Tier I & Tier II OEMS.

  • Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA)
    MIRA is a leading independent provider of product engineering, research, testing, information and certification to the worldwide automotive industry.

  • Mould Manufacturer & Mould Making Industry
    Mould making or mold making is one of the important industries that is involved in our life. Molding or moulding is the process of manufacturing by shaping pliable raw material using a rigid frame or model called a pattern." />http://molding-moulding.ready-online.com

  • Mungi Engineers Pvr. Ltd
    Supplier of sheet metal aggregates and machined assemblies,Supplying parts to OEM has been the business model. 1.Pressed sheet metal components 2.Pressed and fabricated large volume assemblies like cargo load bodies, floor assemblies, ready to fit door assemblies.TS Certified Company. 3.Machined & fabricated precision components like axle tube, trailing arm, banjo beam assemblies. 4.Coach building for buses, tipper, delivery van & value added product's

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