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  • Hamsan Technology CO.,LTD
    HAMSAN Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of enterprise magnesium alloy / zinc alloy die castings, Aluminum alloy die castings and aluminum forging parts, mobile phones and digital products the appearance decorative parts, metal structural parts.

  • I-Diag
    iDiag provides the global automotive industry with advanced, Web-based services that dramatically simplify vehicle diagnostic processes and reduce warranty costs while raising customer satisfaction. The iDiag talent pool comprises engineers, software developers and project managers with extensive experience in automotive and avionics diagnostic support.

  • I.DE.A Institute S.p.a.
    Turn keyservices for automotive development (Advanced design, styling, model workshop, Engineering for B.I.W. chassis, trim, E&E, CAE, DMU, Prototyping workshop, Virtual rooms).

  • I.E.I. - Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute
    The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, supported by 3.000 members and the government of Israel facilitates business relationships between Israeli exporters and overseas companies, patners and organizations. The Institute helps Israeli companies and private manufacturers to build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances and trade partnerships by providing a wide range of export-oriented services, business information and contacts.

  • ifm electronic gmbh
    ifm stands for the optimisation and solution of technical processes by means of sensors, networking and control systems. Close customer contact, quality and innovations have made us the market leader in many areas.

  • IMA Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik GmbH
    Our engineering services cover research and investigation, development and calculation, test and certification of your materials, components, structures and products. A material data base continuously expanded completes the portfolio. A wide range of customers of aerospace, railway and automotive engineering, plastics and metal industry and others trust in the know-how of IMA's engineers.

  • IMDS Europe
    IMDS Europa - Bereitstellung von qualitativ hochwertigen Dienst für Manufacturing & Supply Chains . Suchen Sie Hilfe bei der Erfüllung der Bedürfnisse Ihrer IMDS Verantwortung? Als Full- Service-Unternehmen IMDS -Europe ist in der Lage , Ihnen einen individuellen Service rund um alle IMDS Aufgaben Ihres Unternehmens bieten.

  • imds professional Gmbh & Co. KG
    imds professional offers consulting, service and training for IMDS, the International Material Data System. As an EDS authorized training partner we offer a wide range of trainings on many locations in Germany and throughout Europe. As full-service partner we assist you in material research and data validation, data entry, IMDS project management, supplier and client management.

  • Imortas A.S.
    Imortas A.S. is an ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer of stamped, heat treated, precision machined and grounded components for the automotive and agricultural machinery industries; mainly used in gearboxes, differentials, axles, brake and driving systems. Other products include metal stampings, flat & conical & spring washers, disc springs and CNC machined components.

  • IMST GmbH
    IMST GmbH is an experienced development service provider for mobile radio systems, wireless radio applications and microelectronics; we see ourselves as a high-tech workbench for both the private and the public sector.

  • initPRO GmbH
    initPRO offers specialized IT-Businesssolutions in the area of: - RFID-Middleware and RFID-Integration into ERP- and CRM-Environments. - Service- and Repairmanagement Systems The field of application is stretched from large scale enterprises-solutions to medium-sized companies-solutions. - Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting. Service regarding Datawarehouse-Planning and -Design, ETL Processes and data processing into Cubes and for Data-Mining

  • Institut für Automobilwirtschaft (IFA)
    Scientific organization for line-of-business-oriented, practical research in the automotive sector (sales, distribution, commerce).

  • Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb), TU Munich
    The Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) is one of the largest production technology institutes in Germany. The fields of research at iwb include control technology, cooperation management, development of production systems, factory planning and logistics, handling and joining technology, and manufacturing processes.

  • Institute for Rapid Product Development, University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen
    The Institute for Rapid Product Development at the University of Applied Science St. Gallen (FHS) develops powder materials for SLS - techniques (Selective Laser Sintering), SLS - process chains and follow-on operations in cooperation with the industry. The institute offers advisory and functional models for the rapid product development (RPD) in metal and polymer materials. They project and manufacture Rapid Tooling using direct (SLS) and indirect (SWIFT) methods.

    Intempora edits RTMaps, a rapid and modular software software environment for real-time, multi-sensor applications. RTMaps is particularly aimed at ADAS functions development, testing and validation. It has been used for many autonomous cars prototypes around the world.

  • Intermap Technologies GmbH
    Intermap Automotive is looking for: OEM, Tier1 and 2 suppliers in the area: (1) Active / Passive Safety Technologies, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS; (2) Energy Management, Fuel Economy for Commercial Vehicles and Hybrid / Electric Car Systems; (3) In-Dash satellite navigation and 3D Visualization. Intermap Technologies offers the MOST PRECISE digital elevation models and orthorectified radar images, proprietary airborne Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar / IFSAR technology; Line-of-sight analysis, 3D visualization and satellite navigation, Intelligent transportation systems / ITS, Auto safety / Advanced Driver Assistance Systems / ADAS

  • International Automotive Research Centre IARC
    IARC is a part of Warwick Manufacturing Group which is located at the University of Warwick. IARC currently hosts the Premium Automotive Research and Development, PARD, Programme

  • Irisa
    French research institut.

  • Izhrest Co., Ltd.
    The leading russian manufacturer of Tool, Die, Mold of any complexity.

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