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  • cable and connector supplier and excess managment
    We are an Italian SME Company that has developed a web based strategy to sell stock excess of electric, electromechanical and electronic components. The main advantage is that the business flow is very easy and fast and you have the possibility of getting in touch with somebody that really need your phase out item

  • E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH
    E-T-A offers tailor-made circuit breaker and power management solutions for the electrical protection of your equipment and products.

  • Ecole Polytechnique de l'UniversitÚ de Nantes
    "Ecole Polytechnique de l'UniversitÚ de Nantes" is a french "grande Ecole", a School of Engineering which provides academic and research programmes in a variety of scientific and technological fields: electrical engineering, electronic systems and computer engineering, computer science, thermal sciences, and material sciences.

  • Edison Welding Institute, Inc. (EWI)
    EWI is the largest nonprofit, industrially driven engineering organization in North America dedicated to advancing and applying materials joining technology to benefit industry. They provide materials joining assistance, contract research and consulting services.

  • EMS-Chemie GmbH
    EMS-GRIVORY - leading specialist for polyamide materials. The EMS Group is an independent Swiss company, active in the fields of polymer construction materials, fine chemicals and engineering. EMS-GRIVORY is operational world-wide with four operative business units and is among the European market leaders with regard to development and manufacture of high-performance polymer construction materials.

    EPALFER is company located in Portugal who dedicates to the development and production of progressive dies, transfer dies, cutting and embossing dies.

  • EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH
    EPEA is a scientific research institute that focuses on improving product quality, utility, and environmental performance via ECO-effectiveness.

  • et-energietechnologie
    ET-Energietechnologie is a Service provider for hydrogen technology, test facilities and testing (gaseous high pressure and liquid hydrogen) Hydrogen safety engineering.

  • Euromodel Engineering srl
    At Euromodel Engineering we develop and produce welding and cutting systems for thermoplastic products from 15 years ago. We use ultrasonic technology, hot plate technology or vibration welding systems and rotation welding. Furthermore we offer customized ultrasonics processing machines for cutting various materials for textile industries.

  • Executive Management Consulting
    With several years of professional activity at the highest level with international Companies and highly engineered products, we can provide our professional services as Consultancy, Interim Management, Advisoring, Technical-Sales Representive regarding Business Developmens, Marketing, M&A, P&L improvements, including operational restructuring and re-organization activity in the automotive and industrial sector to support OEMs, Tier1/2 suppliers, private equity banks and hedge funds. Extensive relationship network with experiences international business consultants.

  • Eybl International AG
    Vienna listed Eybl International AG is an internationally recognised manufacturer of automotive interior parts. The Group is distinguished by the following core competences: Production and finishing of knitted, woven and warp-knitted autotextiles; production of top-quality cut and fabricated leather, fabric and combined leather/fabric parts in all sizes and shapes for car seats, doors, side panels and roofs; production of special interior parts, from leather steering wheels through to handbrake and gearstick gaiters, including development services and prototyping

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