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  • coating (221)

    lettering & coating (electroplating, varnishing, CVD coating, enameling, painting,...)

  • electronics (321)

    mechatronics, power electronics, battery technology, light engineering,...

  • Starmoulding
    We are factory from Turkey and specializing in the manufacture and export of plastic injection mould & plastic moulding production, blow mould, die-casting mould, rapid prototype service.

  • Stebro mold
    Stebro Mold mainly specializes in the design and production of high quality Plastic Mold, Plastic Parts and die casting for export in China. Our headquarters is located in Sweden. We are equipped with AgieCharmilles EDM, Mikron CNC, Precise Grinding Machines, Sodick Slow Wire Cut Machine, CMM, 3R System and Engel Injection molding machine. Our mission is 1, To produce plastic mold, plastic parts and die casting tool exceeding our customer's requirement 2, Bottom-Line Cost Savings 3, On Time Delivery We are confident that you will be happy to work with us in the future. If there is anything I can help you, please send a email to Grace@stebro-mold.com.

    Offer Product Development Services, Industrial Design, Reverse Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 3D CMM Inspection, Prototyping parts to product

  • Sunway mould plastic co.,ltd
    a Chinese manufacturer specializing in injection molds. We offer full services of designing and making all kinds of plastic injection molds, as well as producing plastic parts. Our superiority is good quality but competitive price. If you have any request in this field, just feel free to contact me. We will satisfy you with our excellent services and best products. Thank you.

  • TEC-LOG GmbH
    As your potential technical service provider we have set us high standards in the areas of maintenance, plant and machinery relocation, new-assemblies and industrial cleaning. In addition, we are also specialized in the disposal of machinery and equipment.

  • Temponik Protptype Casting
    Temponik Guss Prototypen und Kleinserien in Magnesium Aluminium Zink. Von mini bis Maxi 1000 x 2000 mm Bauteilgröße in Druckgussähnlicher Eigenschaft.

  • Tisza Automotive Ltd.
    Tisza Automotive Ltd. uses two main plastic processing technologies: injection moulding, and blow moulding. We produce mainly for the automotive industry (to OEMs and TIER1 suppliers), but other technical parts are also included in our portfolio. Our injection moulding machines are suitable for manufacturing products requiring 80 - 650 tonnes of clamping pressure. Our blow moulding machines are suitable for manufacturing products requiring 25-50 tonnes of clamping pressure.

  • Torino automotive services
    Mission It is our mission to offer a consistent and cost effective solution to foreign automotive companies, supporting them in entering and expanding their business into the Italian automotive market. We propose a package of commercial, marketing and supporting services and a constant local presence to facilitate the relations and achieve a long lasting and successful relationship with the Italian automotive accounts. Our Services We want to achieve commercial goals with the lowest possible investment on your side aligning to your best practices and acting on your behalf on the market. We can contribute to build together a strategy in the Italian automotive market and can be your operational footstep in Torino with a role and a level of involvement that we will decide together. We can offer you the following: Market and business intelligence Sales and commercial activities Technical - Quality – Logistic activity support Reporting

  • Transformer Oil Dehydration/Degassing/Dewatering System/Oil Filtration Equipment/ Transformer Oil Wa
    Application: ZYD is special for treating the used and old transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil. Comparing with the single-stage type, this machine adopts the double stages vacuum system, which can improve the machine's working vacuum value highly, so it can dewater, degas and remove the impurity more deeply and effectively. The dielectric value of treated oil is higher than 65KV. It is very suitable for the large electric&insulation equipments. Feature: 1. High vacuum: High point-Vacuum¡Ü5pa Working-vacuum¡Ü35pa 2. High absorption speed: Absorption speed power¡İ333L/Sr. 3. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, eliminating the liquid wat er quickly 4. Distinctive removing impurity system which filters the impurity through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbs the impurity by high polymer without the mechanical power. 5. Carbon fiber infrared heating system that can have the oil contain zero sum of ethyne after the treatment. 6. Especially applied to vacuum filling oil and drying for power transmission equipments which power are over 110KV. 7. Any insulating oil can be treated on-line at the working site. Advantage: Comparing with the single-stage vacuum oil purifier, this machine dewater, degas and removes the impurities more quickly, more completely, and makes the oils limiting voltage-withstand value much higher. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system that can purify and also can be an independent vacuum power supply, this machine can treat the electric insulation devices.

    Trimo is a bodybuilder company in Turkey which converts Light Commercial Vehicles to M2 class buses such as Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter... etc.

    OUR COMPANY, FOUNDED İN 2003 AND WHİCH İS LOCATED İN ÇALI INDUSTRİAL ZONE BURSA, CONTİNUES İTS PRODUCTİON İN ORDER TO MANUFACTURE BEST QUALİTY AUTOMOTİVE RUBBER HOSES, WİTH İTS HİGH - SKİLLED AND QUALİFİED WORK – FORCE AND İTS LATEST MACHİNERY. Today, our firm has the justified proud of having a large variety of production encompasses fuel hoses, heating hoses, radiator hoses, air hoses & turbo hoses and also intercooler hoses. This variety in our product range comes from our 10 year dedicated and well – planned hard work and well – earned development. Our company’s plan for this jear is ,paying special attantion to your country.For this reason , we would like to get in touch with you as well. Please visit our website and share with us your thoughts.

  • UV-Resistant Yarns and Fabrics
    We are a typical producer of polyester and polypropylene solution dyed yarns and fabrics with UV-Resistance of extremely high color fastness esp for automotive/boat cover,awning,outdoor furniture and outdoor fabrics. Rich Color is available and new color development is acceptable. UV-Resistance we are matching for outdoor is according to AATCC-169 which approves the color fastness in a range from 650hours to 2000 hours (color tolerance above 4 gray scale).The quality has already been approved by USA EU Korea and Australia and we got regular orders.


  • Vision Tool & Mould
    Professional Plastic Injection Mould Maker

  • VOXELPICTURES International
    High-End 3D Visualization for the Transportation and Automotive industry. Sector: Design interior and exterior, R&D, Animation and lighting simulation in 3D. Inhouse training possibilities for automotive design department. Please send us an email for informations.

  • W.P.I. (Welding Process Ind. Co., Ltd)
    We are the manufacturer welding equipment (welding machine, welding gun, electrodes) in Taiwan. We offer a variety of welding equipments. Our machines are broadly used on different industry. The machines are used in automobile metal sheet factory, metal furniture, farm machinery, kitchen utensils, refrigerator, and air-condition factory¡K.etc. Much more diversity is available upon your requests.

    WELLCO INDUSTRIAL(CHINA)CO.,LTD established in 1998, has passed the ISO 9001:2000 International Quality System, provide mold design,accurate mold making,plastic parts molding, zinc & aluminum die casting.

  • weservices
    auto parts sale

  • X-tool&Die. co.ltd
    Our company is professional dieshop in Dongguan,China. I would like to take the liberty to introduce our company to you as follow: ¡¤ 110T to 630T tryout presses, with biggest bolster size 3500mm*1500mm, we can meet tryout requirement for most of your dies.We produce progressive dies, transfer dies, and also manual transfer dies according to customer's requirements. ¡¤ Reasonable die price to save your budget. You know China has abundant natural resources, comparatively low labor cost. Sourcing in X-Tool will yield the highest economic return. ¡¤ Each project will be followed by a Bilingual project engineer with technical background,weekly time line update and progress report makes it easy for your project management. ¡¤ Established in 1997, end customers including Honda, Audi, Renault, Ford, GM from automotive industry, and GREE,LG from home appliance industry etc, 60% of the dies are exported to our overseas customers. Rich Experience enable X-Tool to supply quality tools and good service to you.

  • YCX Centermould Co.,Ltd
    Wir sind in China ansässiger Hersteller von Präzisions-Kunststoffteilen Spritzgießformen, Spritzgussform Design und Engineering , Spritzguss Werkzeuge , Produktions- Kunststoff-Formenbau

  • zolix instruments co.,ltd
    we are manufacturer of opo-mechanics,including motorized stages,manual stage,optical mirror mount,optical tables,and related products application for laser marking,cutting,engraving,reltaed photonics companies,institutes,universities we can accept customize,ODM/OEM

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