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  • 3K mold(Shenzhen)Co.,Limited-(wendy.cen)
    3k mold is a professional precision custom plastic injection mould,focus on precision&high quality plastic injection mould,two shot mould, over mould for Automobile, electrical series with more than 15 years experience.We with the strength of high quality, reasonable price, timely delivery,excellent service and high flexible etc. More info,welcome you visit our website At last,If need any help, pls feel free to contact me at:Wendy.cen(at)3k-mold(dot)com. We would be very glad to help you as we can.

  • A Itetsa, mould maker portugal
    ITETSA – Engineering, Tooling & Sales Agency provide a professional engineering, project management, production and marketing interface between selected suppliers, our clients and their global customers in Plastic Sector. ITETSA – Engineering, Tooling & Sales Agency is a dedicated, resourceful and highly skilled team fluent in several languages working also with a network of partners. Using ITETSA – Engineering, Tooling & Sales Agency as your representative could make the difference. Our market knowledge and local contacts enable us to spot opportunities, whilst our understanding of the European languages and business culture can provide a vital edge in exploiting those opportunities.

  • ACS Industries, Inc
    ACS Industries has supplied OEM, Tier I and Tier II companies since our first catalytic converter support meshes came to market in 1975. Since then, the applications of our knitted wire mesh have grown to include axial support rings for diesel particulate filters, V and Z-Seals to prevent hot gas erosion of intumescent and non-intumescent support mats and L-Seals to provide simultaneous erosion protection and additional catalyst mounting support. Our compressed mesh elements are also used in air bag inflators, gas & liquid filtration applications, thermal & vibration isolation and a wide number of other exhaust, general automotive and industrial applications. ACS Industries also manufactures products using expanded and woven wire materials.

  • ADK Mould Co., Limited
    ADK Mould Co., Limited supplies professional project management, plastic part design, plastic mould design, mouldflow, mould manufacturing, injection moulding and final assembly processing service to Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace, electrical engineering, packing and Medical fields. As a growing and innovative company with more than 14 years experience in plastic industry, ADK develop the technology and apply it, and serve our customer.

  • AssetPoint
    AssetPoint is the maker of TabWare, a leading CMMS software solution for optimal asset management to reduce asset downtime and unnecessary costs, improve operational and maintenance scheduling, and improve the overall OEE.

  • Automotive Innovation Cluster Abruzzo - Italy
    The Automotive Innovation Pole groups a set of operators in the Automotive system: SMEs, Les, universities, research bodies, organizations and institutions. Our mission is to develop a SMART GREEN TRANSPORTATION GOODS SYSTEM FOR LAST MILE DELIVERY by leveraging on research, innovation, new technology, networking and knowledge dissemination.

  • Avrand Plastic
    Avrand Plastic is known as the biggest manufacturer of complex fuel system such as: monolayer, 3 layers & 5layers polymer as well as monolayer & 6 layers fuel tanks. In this regards, APCO is the main supplier of fuel transmission system to internal products, exporting of fuel filters, canisters, automobiles & heavy trucks to Asian & European country such as India, Russian, Syria, Ukraine & Italy

  • Beckett MIM Ltd.
    Beckett MIM Ltd. is offering innovative solutions using Metal Injection Moulding technology. Based in Sheffield, we are the only company in the UK who are able to metal injection mould components from not only a range of steels, but also more advanced metals such as Titanium, Nickel, Tungsten, Copper and other alloys. Our technical expertise enables us to develop the ideal design using the most appropriate material to meet your requirements. This unique service is the result of 3 years extensive R&D work in powder metallurgy with The University of Sheffield and our 40 years’ experience in plastic injection moulding technology. Continuous innovation and development is at the heart of our business and we are dedicated to providing high quality precision engineered solutions for our customers.

  • Boltjes Group
    Forming and bending of tube for automotive industry Biegen und Enbearbeitung Rohre Profile, fertigung baugruppen

  • BuildIT Software & Solutions
    Build!IT®: Inspection & Assembly Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing Build!IT® is a CAD-to-part inspection software that enables quick and easy dimensional verification of manufactured parts and assemblies with real-time part inspection and measurement process automation for Tool Building, Assembly, Alignment and Quality Control. Build!IT®'s advanced analysis and reporting capabilities combine measurement data from multiple sources to produce detailed graphical and textual reports that are used to quickly identify manufacturing and production trends.

  • Cablexperts
    Consultant for the wire and cable industry. New technologies, improvement of production conditiones, introduction of new methods.

  • China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader
    China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader Cheap price&best quality. Fast delivery. shock absorber,water pump,oil pump,ball joint,tie rod end,stabilizer link,rack end,control arm,clutch,wheel hub,alloy wheel,etc

    Established in 1980, we are one of the leading metal parts suppliers in China, we can offer forging parts, casting parts, metal stamping parts, CNC machining parts, metal injection molding (mim) parts. If you have any enquiry for quotation, please contact us freely.

  • CIKONI composites innovation
    CIKONI is an engineering company, based in Stuttgart, Germany, that specializes on innovative lightweight and composite solutions. We develop lightweight products and concepts with high performance fiber-reinforced composites (e.g. CFRP, GFRP, AFRP) or in hybrid design for global customers. We use the latest design tools, advanced simulation approaches and composite specific FEA methods (e.g. for strength, stiffness and crash) to detail and dimension your structural components. CIKONI composites innovation stands for holistic knowledge-based engineering services along the whole process chain. This includes manufacturing process and machinery development that suits your requirements, e.g. for cost-efficient medium volume preform production or 3D fiber winding. We advise your company in technology driven or strategic decisions related to lightweight design and support your market oriented product specification, or the establishment of a composite-specific quality management. Our award-winning expertise has led to collaboration with partners from the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as the consumer market. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements – the first step to a long-term successful collaboration. We look forward to your challenges. Our expertise includes: - Composite conceptual design and detailed part design with CAD - Dimensioning, strength calculation and numerical optimization with FEA - Process development for automated preforming and 3D fiber winding - Holistic quality management for composites - Strategy and technology consulting for lightweight innovations - Method development and material characterization for composites simulation

  • Clear Dawn Co., Ltd
    Clear Dawn Co., Ltd was established in 1982, also known as CDC for many years, which has held with management philosophy of innovation, cooperation, service and the enterprising spirit of customer focus to earn the applause and support from the customers locally and globally. The main products of CDC are Aluminum Alloy Parts, Stainless Steel Casting Parts, Titanium Fasteners, Power box, Gears, Spindles, Sleeves, Pristons and cylinders. CDC¡¦s scope of the products includes building hardware, rail construction hardware, industrial parts, CNC precise components, and the specialized components for transportation equipments, as well as supplying materials for overseas infrastructure works. CDC has been positively practicing ISO 9001 quality control system (ISO QMS)., and has abundance experience in logistics support.

  • Dahua Tube
    Wir sind das einzigartige Design und derjenige machen, HF geschweißte Rohrmühle , vollbringen dünnwandige Rohr geschweißt und seine Mühle Industrialisierung von uns erfolgreich in China.

    SPECIAL MACHINES / PROCESS AUTOMATION Our main objective is the study and the production of specials systems to improve the production lines of your company. We are experienced in offer solutions for the quality improve, and to reduce the costs and the times of the production process of our clients.

  • DPSI Fleet Maintenance Software for Vehicle
    DPSI, a leading CMMS provider, has a new website that highlights cloud-based and mobile products, details market segments, and provides social media access.

  • EFC international
    Premier provider of specialty components including clamps, panel fasteners, routing, electrical, cold-headed, plastic fastening, stamped metal fastening and specialty nuts.

  • EGO International: the Business of connecting Italian suppliers and entrepreneurs
    We are the international team of engineers and technicians, specialists in sales field. Our service is highly qualified and completely free for German Buyers. EGO Engineering Company has certifications and international offices, in order to communicate steadily with global markets. Our portfolio boasts of more than 4000 qualified and capable suppliers, in advantage of the best solution for every professional requirement. We operate in several semi-finished precision engineering fields, such as: Mechanical machining (Milling, Turning, Spark machining) Sheet metal processing (Laser cut, Bending, Folding, Calendering, Metal Punching, Welded Construction) Plastic technologies (Injection moulding, Thermoforming, Rubber or Silicone moulding, Rapid prototyping) Design and Construction of industrial equipments, Switchboards, Electric components Assembly, Surface treatments, Casting Buyers interested in the service will be directly followed by specialized engineers. Our service is completely free.

  • Ewab Engineering
    Ewab Engineering is a Global supplier of automation equipment including conveyors, gantries and robots.

  • Fufan Tooling (CN) Ltd.
    Fufan Tooling(CN) Ltd. is a professional mold factory in China. We specialize in manufacturing of plastic injection mold, compression molds, die casting molds and insert molds, serving for Automotive, Medical and Electronic industry. More info please visit www.fufantooling.com, or contact faith@fufantooling.com. Thank you!

    Metal Stamping / Assemblying / Riveting / Surface Treatment / Welding / Crimping / Degreasing / Flattening at the lowest price

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