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  • Bojnár Fémipari Kft.
    The Bojnar Fémipari Kft. is a successfully hungarian mashine parts manufacturer with tradition, precision and accuracy.

  • China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader
    China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader Cheap price&best quality. Fast delivery. shock absorber,water pump,oil pump,ball joint,tie rod end,stabilizer link,rack end,control arm,clutch,wheel hub,alloy wheel,etc

    Established in 1980, we are one of the leading metal parts suppliers in China, we can offer forging parts, casting parts, metal stamping parts, CNC machining parts, metal injection molding (mim) parts. If you have any enquiry for quotation, please contact us freely.

  • EGO International: the Business of connecting Italian suppliers and entrepreneurs
    We are the international team of engineers and technicians, specialists in sales field. Our service is highly qualified and completely free for German Buyers. EGO Engineering Company has certifications and international offices, in order to communicate steadily with global markets. Our portfolio boasts of more than 4000 qualified and capable suppliers, in advantage of the best solution for every professional requirement. We operate in several semi-finished precision engineering fields, such as: Mechanical machining (Milling, Turning, Spark machining) Sheet metal processing (Laser cut, Bending, Folding, Calendering, Metal Punching, Welded Construction) Plastic technologies (Injection moulding, Thermoforming, Rubber or Silicone moulding, Rapid prototyping) Design and Construction of industrial equipments, Switchboards, Electric components Assembly, Surface treatments, Casting Buyers interested in the service will be directly followed by specialized engineers. Our service is completely free.

  • EniT GmbH
    We are Engineering design services company engaged in providing CAD/CAE/PLM solutions and services to the Automotive industry.

    Metal Stamping / Assemblying / Riveting / Surface Treatment / Welding / Crimping / Degreasing / Flattening at the lowest price

  • GWT-TUD GmbH
    The GWT makes its money with commissioned research and with scientific services.

  • Hangzhou GoldenStar Brake Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd
    Hangzhou GoldenStar Brake Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd, is one of the biggest professional enterprises manufacturing brake pads of high quality with production capacity of annual output of 3 million sets of non-asbestos brake pads in China. With most advanced production line and testing equipment, experienceful technology research team, strict ISO9001 quality management system, the quality of our brake pads is strictly controlled. The brake pads are produced strictly according to the quality standard of China National standard of GB5763-1998, SAE-J661, VESC-3, JIS4411-1993, our brake pads have widely received very good reputation from our customers all over the world after practical use and strict quality test in most famous laboratory and test in the vehicles. We have the following formulation for our customers¡¯ choice: 1. Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Pads 2. Non-Asbestos Semi-Metallic Brake Pads 3. Non-Asbestos Ceramic Brake Pads With best formulation technology, our brake pads don¡¯t have any noise while the brake pads have stable friction performances, low wearing, long use life. With the above quality advantage, we have received ECE R90 certificates for European market. We have already developed nearly 1,000 types of brake pads for various vehicles. At present, our brake pads are 100% exported to more than 40 countries in North America, East Europe, South America, Asia, etc. Any inquiry will receive prompt attentions. Drawings and sample are warmly welcome. Fast delivery and good service will be provided.

  • Hidria
    We produce all systems of cold start diesel engine(glow plugs,heaters,air heaters,electroniks),solenoids,tehnical ceramics.

  • hofer powertrain GmbH
    Energy-efficient powertrain systems, development and design, alternative drives, electric drive sysems, hybrid technology, software and electronics, motor, DCT, CVT, AT, hofer –VDC (variable double clutch) transmission, MT, AMT, axle drive, torque vectoring, differential technology, gear shift, shift quality, wet/dry clutch, friction lining, double-mass flywheel, cylinder head, valve gear components, testbench and vehicle testing, testbench construction, sensor technology, benchmarking, cam phasers, electric car, concept development, target catalogues and specifications, advance and serial development, CAD, FEM Simulation, model validation and trial, hydraulic control systems, control unit independent software, MiL und SiL, interfaces know-how, power electronics, powertrain management, prototypes, NVH analysis, design 2D/3D, vehicle measurements, industialisation, testing equipment, sensor technology, calculation, dynamic simulation, benchmark studies, process planning and optimisation

  • NMH GmbH + Co KG - Measurement | Testing | Assembly
    NMH is one of the "hidden champions" for complex measurement, testing and assembly machinery and equipment in Germany. NMH employs 110 people. NMH offers complete solutions from design through manufacture to installation and commissioning. Nearly all German premium automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are customers of NMH. For more details please visit: www.nmh.de

  • Precomp Solutions
    Precomp Solutions is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of precision components, and our speciality is fine blanking. Our customers can be found in both the engineering and automotive industries. In addition to fine blanking, our wide-ranging abilities include automated punching, finishing and assembly. We also make tools and prototypes.

  • Rapid Prototyping China
    Klarm Prototyping is one of the leading rapid prototyping China and tooling companies. Combining the best of Western technology and equipment with the prototype engineering expertise of China, we offer customers high-quality products and service. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we have established long-term relationships with some of the most renowned companies in the world.

  • Stansefabrikken Automotive
    UAB Stansefabrikken Automotive produces punched car parts for the European automotive sector. It is owned by Norwegian STAFA Industrier AS. Our parts are used to manufacture Volvo, Ford, Land Rover, Renault and Nissan cars.

  • Uranus Microsystems
    Provider of custom hardware and software development services for electronic systems (embedded / automotive electronics included, Metal processing machine tools, CNC and conventional (EDM, lathe, mill, drill, machining centers), Advanced automation research

  • Vibrant Technology, Inc.
    Vibrant Technology is a leader in developing tools for post processing vibration and acoustic test data. Vibrant Technology software is used by structural testing and machinery maintenance professionals in a wide variety of industries. ME'scope is designed to aid engineers and technicians working on vibration and acoustics troubleshooting, new product research and development, predictive maintenance, manufacturing quality control, and monitoring of critical machines and structures.

  • Vibrate Software
    Vibrate Software is an authorized special tool for, and recommended by, Ford, GM, and Freightliner Trucks for Diagnosing Vibration Concerns. It is also available through Rotunda Tools and Kent-Moore Tools. Vibrate Software is a universal application that works on any vehicle from small cars to semi-trucks.

  • VIRA Exports
    "Vira Exports" is an international Marketing & Trading Division of "M/S. VIRA INDUSTRIES" since 1969 for "VIRA", "TDH" & "RCJ" brand products. We are manufacturing and exporting the best quality and globally established brand Motorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds, Three wheelers Auto Rickshaw Tuk-Tuk (Cargo/Passenger) vehicles and its Spare Parts & Accessories. Please visit our website www.viraindustries.com & www.viraltd.com for more details. Our "VIRA" & "TDH" brand Spares is well established and known worldwide. We are exporting also our associate "RCJ" brand Tuk-Tuk 4-stroke Petrol Auto rickshaw 3-wheelers (complete vehicle) and ATOM brand 100/125 cc. Motorcycles worldwide. Please visit our website www.rcjauto.in & www.rcjauto.com. We manufacture & Export following products for Bajaj 2 stroke/ 4-stroke/5-Port, GC-1000, Piaggio-APE, Atul Auto, SIL-Vikram, KAL (Kerala)/ FLI & Mahindra 3-wheelers, Motorcycles, Scooters & Mopeds like BAJAJ, LML, Piaggio, Lambretta, TVS, Honda, Kinetic etc. * Gear & Aluminium Parts, * Clutch Assemblies & Brake Parts, * Silencers & Mufflers, * Wheel Rims & Tyres. * Lights & Electrical Parts, * Plastic Parts, Mudguards & Speedo Meter, * Axle, Levers & Kick Starter Kit. * Bearings, Crank Shaft & Cylinder Block Kit, * All Rubber Parts, Oil Seal & etc. * Seat Bracket & Main/Side Stand, * Tools & Equipments, * Complete Fuel Tank, Gasket & Seat Assembly, * Nuts, Bolts & Other Allied Spares, Mudguard, * Side Cover, Monogram Kits * All Iron & Plastic Accessories Items.

  • xpuls business solutions gmbh
    Xpuls is a planning and consulting company focused on technical industries such as automotive, aviation, railway, medical devices, wind energy and shipbuilding. At the intersection between product development and production, our concentration on the business areas of development, production, logistics and quality enables a synergetic range of competences in order to reduce costs in value-added networks.

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