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  • a.p. microelectronic
    Research - development - production of electronics ECUs for Power Trunk Lits or Power Lift Gates, Roofs, Seats, Mirrors, Lighting for Exterior and Interior, Fluel Level Measurement, Ultrasonic Sensoric Systems, Hall Sensoric Control

  • Aerospace Lubricants, Inc
    Manufacturers of synthetic lubricants for semiconductor, vacuum & optical applications. Specializing in synthetic lubricants for the automotive OEMs & suppliers..

  • ATP adhesive systems AG
    ATP specialises in developing and manufacturing client-specific adhesive products. With an established, worldwide distribution network and modern manufacturing capability, ATP supplies a variety of industry segments including automotive, transportation, foam, graphic, electronics, plastics, speciality labels, medical, building and construction.

    We are a lamination factory in Greece,export Automotive fabrics Uni and designs foam laminated ,Headliner fabrics brushed and knitted pike foam laminated .Big range in colors and qualities all for aftermarket .

  • Bayer MaterialScience AG
    Bayer MaterialScience AG is an independent, globally operating company within the Bayer Group. The name Bayer MaterialScience stands for the materials that the company develops and produces.

  • Cablexperts
    Consultant for the wire and cable industry. New technologies, improvement of production conditiones, introduction of new methods.

  • CemeCon AG
    Individual solution respective to the application - concerning the coating, the process or the coating technology.

  • China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader
    China auto spare parts manufacturer&Trader Cheap price&best quality. Fast delivery. shock absorber,water pump,oil pump,ball joint,tie rod end,stabilizer link,rack end,control arm,clutch,wheel hub,alloy wheel,etc

    Established in 1980, we are one of the leading metal parts suppliers in China, we can offer forging parts, casting parts, metal stamping parts, CNC machining parts, metal injection molding (mim) parts. If you have any enquiry for quotation, please contact us freely.

  • EaglePicher Automotive
    EaglePicher Automotive’s divisions produce complex machined components and assemblies, and rubber, metallic and paper-coated gasketing for automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers. EaglePicher Automotive is a leading automotive supplier, ranking Nr. 109 of the top 150 North American automotive suppliers (as ranked by Automotive News).

  • EGO International: the Business of connecting Italian suppliers and entrepreneurs
    We are the international team of engineers and technicians, specialists in sales field. Our service is highly qualified and completely free for German Buyers. EGO Engineering Company has certifications and international offices, in order to communicate steadily with global markets. Our portfolio boasts of more than 4000 qualified and capable suppliers, in advantage of the best solution for every professional requirement. We operate in several semi-finished precision engineering fields, such as: Mechanical machining (Milling, Turning, Spark machining) Sheet metal processing (Laser cut, Bending, Folding, Calendering, Metal Punching, Welded Construction) Plastic technologies (Injection moulding, Thermoforming, Rubber or Silicone moulding, Rapid prototyping) Design and Construction of industrial equipments, Switchboards, Electric components Assembly, Surface treatments, Casting Buyers interested in the service will be directly followed by specialized engineers. Our service is completely free.

    Job-coating company: vibratory finishing, shot blasting, pre-treating (Zn-pHs hating), E-coating, assembling of Metal Components.

    Epoxy compounds for demanding applications. Adhesives, coating materials, encapsulants and potting resins for micro-electronics, optoelectronics, automotive and medical technology. Special sealants for the construction industry.

    Metal Stamping / Assemblying / Riveting / Surface Treatment / Welding / Crimping / Degreasing / Flattening at the lowest price

  • Gold Dragon Optics
    GoldDragonOptics Co .Ltd is a manufacturer of precision optical components.

  • Greenkote PLC
    SUMMET Hi-Tech Coatings developed an innovative diffusion coating technology hermo-Chemical Surface Modification(TCSM) for various metals, alloys, sintered metals, cermets and powders. TCSM production process (GREENKOTE) is totally environment friendly. Our GREENKOTE line of coatings is CHROME VI free, adhere to ELV, ROHS and WEEE regulations. Greenkote has 2 main product lines: 1.Anticorrosive: For fasteners, rubber to metal bonding, topcoats, uniform tightening torque. Market seagments: Automotive, Construction, Telecom. 2. Hard coatings: Antiwear and anti oxidation in high temperature. Vast improve for extrusion and highpressure casting dies MTBF. Market Seagments: Automotive, Aerospace, Dies and tooling. Locations: Israel, UK and very soon in HOF , Germany

  • Hielscher Ultrasonics
    Hielscher Ultrasonics ist Ihr Top-Lieferant weltweit für innovative Ultraschall -Geräte vom Labor bis zur industriellen Verarbeitung Homogenisatoren Reaktoren. Typische Anwendungen umfassen , Mischen und Homogenisieren , Desintegration und Sonochemie .

  • JKL Kunststoff Lackierung
    JKL - hochmoderne Lohn-Lackierung von Kunststoffteilen für den Fahrzeuginnenraum. Moderne Technik, Erfahrung, Zuverlässigkeit und günstige Lohnkosten sichern Ihren Vorteil!

  • Kemika XXI Inc.
    MSDS authoring and management service in 32 languages and in compliance with the major chemical regulations in America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, etc.

  • Keronite International Ltd
    Keronite has developed unique Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) technology for the surface treatment of aluminium and magnesium. The Keronite process transforms the surface into a dense, hard ceramic with outstanding resistance to corrosion and wear.

  • KIRCHHOFF Automotive GmbH & Co.KG
    We are producer of structural metal parts and bodies for the automotive industry. Our core competences are in metal forming, clinching, assembly and surface treatment. The product development of manufactured parts, components and modules is carried out in-house in the divisions construction, prototyping, tools and fixtures.

    We have manufactured mechanic,electronic and mechatronic parts for automotive since 1978.Our major parts;Actuators,Door locks,Door Handles,Central Access Control & RKE,Throttle & Brake Pedal,Position Sensors,Power Window Switch,...

  • Omnex, Inc.
    Omnex is an international automotive quality training, consulting and software company. We are the leader in ISO 9000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 training with over 25 courses from Lead Auditor to APQP Training.

  • Rapid Prototyping China
    Klarm Prototyping is one of the leading rapid prototyping China and tooling companies. Combining the best of Western technology and equipment with the prototype engineering expertise of China, we offer customers high-quality products and service. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we have established long-term relationships with some of the most renowned companies in the world.

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