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  • Magic Systems SA
    Magic Systems is a mouldmaker, already present as certified supplier for European automotive First-tier and Sub-tier companies. Since year 2001, we start working for automotive, which represents today about 75% of our business. We offer design and fabrication of plastic injection tools, stamping tools and welding/control devices.

  • HTP High Tech Plastics AG
    HTP is a system partner for injection molding and precise injection molding products and covers the entire value chain of its customers starting from the engineering through the production to logistics. The services of HTP include development and design, production, surface finishing as well as logistic solutions. Furthermore, HTP conceives, constructs and produces injection-molding tools for its own production and also for third parties. This forms the basis for an attractive and comprehensive package of services for HTP’s customers.

  • Automagazine News
    News especially for the automotive industry and suppliers in German.

  • ARBURG GmbH + Co KG
    The machine construction company ARBURG is a world leader with its injection-moulding machines of small and medium clamping forces. The comprehensive machine range with clamping forces of between 125 kN and 4000 kN and the corresponding peripherals are used in the production of plastic parts for the automotive sector, for communication and entertainment electronics, for medical technology, domestic appliances and in the packaging industry, for example. Based in the Northern Black Forest, in Lossburg, and at home anywhere in the world – Arburg’s global presence extends to all the important world markets, with subsidiaries and representative offices in 21 countries. Service, quality, support and customer proximity are the internationally-recognised pillars of the Arburg success story. Worldwide a total of more than 1950 employees, of which more than 1650 are located at the headquarters in Lossburg, are driving forward the development of modern injection moulding technology and are continuously pioneering the way in the plastics sector.

  • ACR Automotive Components Reiter GmbH
    ACR – The accessories system partner for the automotive industry The demand for new individual vehicle models continues to grow worldwide. Successful automotive manufacturers offer their customers a variety of models as well as original accessories as retrofit solutions.

  • Ermet-Buck GmbH
    Ermet-Buck GmbH specializes in the areas construction/development, tool manufacture/mould making and injection moulding to assembly of components for the Automotive Industry, Electrotechnics and Electronics, Medical and Laboratory Technics as well as Domestic Technology.

  • AB Automotive Inc.
    AB Automotive Inc. manufactures chassis height position sensors designed for vehicle suspension and headlight leveling applications. Other target sensor applications include throttle position sensors, pedal position sensors, EGR valve position sensors, and similar linear and rotary position sensor applications.

  • Aparataj Electric S.A.
    Electroaparataj is the main Romanian manufacturer of low voltage installations and industrial switching gear as well as an notable supplier of automotive parts and sub-assemblies. Electroaparataj is an important actor of Romanian manufacturing industry applying corporate governance, business ethics and transparency principles.

  • WMS Flocktechnik Group
    Technical flocking of parts in all shapes, sizes and materials.

  • EMIKA Rt.
    Components for the automotive and other industrie, made of steel and aluminium (0,5-5mm).

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin is a brand of the premier automotive group of Ford.

  • SUSPA GmbH
    SUSPA, the innovative supplier of products for comfort and safety such as bumpers, gas springs, dampers, absorbers and crash management systems.

  • eswegee Vliesstoff GmbH
    eswegee Vliesstoff GmbH is a nonwovens manufacturer for acoustic moulded parts, headliners, package trays, trim components and various other applications.

    DALIT CT provides various casts for the automotive industry and specializes in engine parts, brakes, holders, turbo chargers and any other product that can be casted.

  • Alfmeier Präzision AG
    Alfmeier's competence areas are cooling and heating water control, gas and air flow control, fuel management, crank case ventilation, pneumatic pressure supply and seat comfort adjustment.

  • A. Schüth GmbH + Co. KG
    The company, which has been owned by a family since its origin, is known for its knowledge and performances in the field of static gaskets.

    The company's focus is on plastic production. The main activity of the firm are thermo-formed plastic products. The firm provides complete service from designing thought form production to plastic production itself including installation.

  • Borbas Kft.
    Our basic field is manufacturing of Zn and Zamac die casting products. Barelling, multi-drill and threading machines. Our company is technically furnished to make tools of different complexity or to work with tools brought for the production by our clients.

  • EVERISE Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    EVERISE is one of the leading, innovative producers and suppliers of more than one hundred components for the main automobile manufacturers in China and interested in any practicable form of cooperation in China and abroad.

  • C.K. Auto Part & Accessories Co., Ltd.
    Through 30 years of establishment from car service business to be manufacturing of Automotive Accessories, C.K. Auto Part & Accessories have consistently followed the set policy in delivering the best service to customers. We are also committed to consistent improvement of product quality as well as our organizational management to ensure we keep on our success path and that we are accepted internationally.

  • AUTOPLASTIC-A Kereskedelmi Kft.
    Development and production of optical vehicle accessories (spoilers, wings, sills, lampshades, adverse weather lamp boxes). Repair of plastic vehicle components, formation and operation of repair franchise network.

  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo is a brand of the FIAT Group.

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